Working to grow our broadband infrastructure

Together with Sen. David Woodsome, Chair of the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee, I recently toured Fairpoint Communications switching center, located on Center Street in Biddeford.  (You may have seen it, it’s right behind Elements).  This is a remarkable facility which handles all of our community’s phone and internet needs as well as switching large amounts of cellular service and providing disaster preparedness support.

I feel that growing Maine’s broadband infrastructure is really important, and even Biddeford, one of the largest cities in Maine, has areas that are lacking.

Recently in the last legislature, we implemented four new bills that will help.  Most notably, we repealed a fee that was preventing communities to connect to the Three Ring Binder high speed fiber optic network.

What kind of internet service do you have?  Is this an issue that is important to you?

Rep. Grohman Displaying Fiber Optic Cable
A Piece of Fiber Optic Cable