On the way to the polls and thank you!

We kicked it off with the La Kermesse parade, way back in June. Now we’re finally at Election Day. Thank you to all who helped along the way. It’s been an honor to represent the citizens of Biddeford’s House District 12 in the Maine State Legislature these last two years. And I haven’t taken for granted the trust that my constituents have placed in me; I’ve worked hard. I’m proud of the important role I’ve played as a member of the Energy, Utilities and Technology committee and the legislation that I have helped shape, which includes bills to help police departments come to each other’s assistance and low-income customers obtain on-bill financing to install heat pumps. It is often complex work, requiring long hours and time away from my family but I know it is meaningful, and I know that I bring an important perspective to the work we do in Augusta. As a Democrat with a business background, I have been able to work successfully with members of both parties and have been recognized for my bipartisan approach.

Thanks to Motorland for a ride in this classic car!
Thanks to Motorland for a ride in this classic car!

But there is more work to do. In the last 6 months, I’ve personally knocked on thousands of doors and talked face to face with hundreds of voters. You have been very direct with me about the shortcomings of our legislature and the need to work together, and I’ve heard a lot of good ideas about how the State can – and should – do better for its citizens. I completely agree. It is my goal to pass legislation that will help lower our property taxes, relieve the opiate epidemic, and expand access to health care.

Biddeford is the place I started and sold a successful business. Biddeford is the place I fell in love with my wife. Biddeford is the place my two children go to school.  Biddeford is also the place I’ve helped a veteran obtain health care he needed, helped a retiree get a motorized scooter through DHHS, arranged to get new flags for our schools, and helped bring in new funding improve our downtown and hold back property taxes in our neighborhoods.

I pledge to continue working to improve and strengthen our community and our state. I would be honored to have your support again this November 8. See you down at the polls!


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