Rep. Grohman’s affordable heating legislation moves forward

AUGUSTA – Rep. Martin Grohman’s bill to make heat pumps available to low-income Mainers earned a strong vote from the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee Wednesday.

“Affordable heating is an emergency issue for low-income Mainers, and heat pumps are one of the most efficient means to produce energy for heating,” said Grohman, D-Biddeford.

The bill would enable low-income Mainers to get the benefit of heat pumps that might not otherwise be possible due to creditworthiness or home ownership limitations. The program would allow a utility to provide a heat pump to an eligible consumer for a monthly equipment charge, similar to a cable box.

The committee voted 11-2 to move the bill forward to the entire House and Senate.

The need for legislative action arose in September when the Maine Public Utilities Commission determined that current law did not allow for some transmission and distribution utilities to operate a heat pump program.

“Every month we wait means a Mainer in need will not have access to this affordable and efficient heat source,” Grohman said.

Rep. Martin Grohman, D-Biddeford, is a first-term state representative representing House District 12. He serves on the Joint Standing Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology.


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