Rep. Grohman proposes bill to cut down on litter

Biddeford legislator responds to community concerns about “nip” bottles

Rep. Grohman

AUGUSTA – Rep. Martin Grohman is fighting litter with a bill that would extend the state’s bottle redemption program to include “nips” – liquor bottles with volumes of less than 50 milliliters.

“Most people have seen the small bottles of LTD and Fireball accumulating at the edges of streets and around storm drains,” said Grohman, D-Biddeford. “It’s clear we need to do something about it, and Maine’s bottle deposit has been proven to reduce litter. We have the chance to strengthen it further.”

Several of Grohman’s constituents brought the issue to his attention because of the volume of miniature “nip” bottles that litter public places. Maine’s current bottle bill law only applies to liquor bottles with volumes greater than 50 milliliters.

“As a city councilor and member of the Downtown Development Commission here in Biddeford, I have noticed the constant litter associated with the small shot liquor bottles known as ‘nips’,” said Biddeford City Councilor Bobby Mills. “I thank Rep. Grohman for working to address it.”

Grohman is serving his first term in the Maine House of Representatives. Sitting legislators can submit bills now for consideration by the next Legislature, which will be sworn in during December.


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