Matching Grants for College Savings

NextGen is a 529 College Savings Plan administered by the Finance Authority of Maine.  Eligible new accounts can get up to $200 for setting up the account and making an initial contribution and then up to $300 match per year.

Amy and I put $200/month into ours.  College is getting wicked expensive but this should really help.

529 plans are tax-advantaged ways to save for college. The Maine tax situation on them is too complex to explain in a blog posts, but the matching possibilities make our Maine plans pretty good.  Sign up here.

The very generous Alfond Family also makes a $500 grant for college savings.  Here’s where you can learn about that.

(Disclaimer: you may not be able to qualify for either grant and probably not both.)

So, are you enrolled in a 529 plan?  What’s your experience been?