It’s just over 100 days until the election, and so I’m out knocking on doors and making phone calls!  I hope to meet you soon.  In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me at

Surprise Medical Billing

You slip and fall getting out of your car and twist your ankle badly. So you go to the emergency room, get an X-ray, and good news: it turns out the bone is not broken. You’ve got a bad sprain and just need ice and rest. It was a bad day, but it could have(…)

How Would Your Company Spend a Million Dollars?

How Would Your Company Spend a Million Dollars?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 23, 2017 Contact: Brian Whitney, President Maine Technology Institute 207-582-4790 Maine Technology Institute Wants to Know “How Would Your Company Spend a Million Dollars – – or More – – to Stimulate Innovation, Economic Impact and Job Creation?” Brunswick, ME – August 23, 2017. Following voter approval of the research(…)

Kicking off the Get Out and Stay Out Initiative

Despite the valiant efforts of our hardworking corrections staff and probation officers, there is very little support for former inmates to re-enter society as productive citizens. The problem can be most challenging in our jails, where shorter sentences are served, versus our prisons, which have longer stays and the opportunity for more formalized programs. The(…)

School and Library Broadband Funding Bill Advances

It has been a long project, taking almost the entire legislative session, but we are close to the finish line on new funding for broadband internet at Maine’s schools and libraries. Here’s great coverage by Alan Bennett of the Journal Tribune. Thanks to all who have supported this project along the way. Compromise is a(…)

Priorities for Next Session

Thank you for returning me to the Maine State Legislature for a second term. Among the many challenges the Maine Legislature will take on next session are the opiate crisis, the way state education funding is distributed (which affects property taxes), and energy costs. I will be pushing for action on all three. I would(…)

The Story of CorrectDeck

The Story of CorrectDeck

In 1998 I was living out of state, working as an engineer. I wanted to get back home to Maine. I thought I could get into the wood composite decking business – we have a lot of sawdust here in Maine; composite decking is made out of sawdust and plastic; and it was a growing market.(…)

Budget votes

You may have heard the news today that the State budget is working well – we’re ahead of revenue projections by more than $30 million, three months into the fiscal year. Now, the year is long, and that could easily reverse. But I am proud of the budget we are working under. It was a close vote(…)

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